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2010-10-22 12:47:17 by abstractblond

Peace and Love my fellow Newgrounders, first off...I had no idea my videos can get over 400 views before even being approved. And I thought my 35 views in 3 days on YouTube was a big thing. With that said, this site is excellent in getting reviews for your work. Thanks to all to rate and review. I welcome everything and can only get better.

Anyways, allow me to present myself.

I'm Pedro F. Lopez Jr. I'm a director, writer, editor, musician, philosopher, consciousness explorer and occasional actor. This is my first venture into animation, and it'll be done using the most minimilistic of approachs cause I believe the tighter of constrictions I have on myself, the greater the creativity will be. I pride myself with my dialouge, not so much as a animator yet.

Open your third eye. Keep the creativity going.

Visit my YouTube page for all my live action videos, I need all the support I can get. More will be added. I'm more active then I've ever been.

YouTube Channel


- abstractblond


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2010-10-22 16:05:42

Actually, no, 400 views is just standard here since you need at least 300 (with votes) to get admitted into the site. On youtube, getting the views is hard but then they start to pick up. Here it's hard to just keep the views coming in after the first day.

Though I hope you'll do great here and everyone in the portal can help you out!


2010-10-23 17:35:27

Newgrounds is a bit more of a exclusive network, it's much easier to be found if you post some good stuff.